CamControl (Mobotix) 1.001: A control program for Mobotix cameras without positioning interface

CamControl (Mobotix) 1.001

Cam Control is a control program for Mobotix cameras without interfaces for direct positioning. First you must move the camera position to the reference point. The referencepoint is the leftmost position. After that you must set the nullposition using the button : `Set Null`. Now you can drive to any positions and take them into the list by using the `New` - button. It is the same procedure for updating positions.

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Long Short Signal 2.0: Generate stock market signals. Earn 52%/year with safety by going long & short.

Long Short Signal 2.0

positions ensure losses will be small. (3) Consecutive losses are prevented when the market is unstable. by inhibiting the opening of new positions. (4) Close position signal is generated after a fixed amount of loss. Long Short Signal (LSS) maintains a database of JDS Uniphase and NORTEL Networks. These stocks have a correlation coefficient greater than .97 (1993-2008). The program watches the ratio of JDSU/NT and when that ratio gets too low or

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Chess Opening Trainer 1.1: Learn and remember chess opening theory faster. Build your opening repertoire.

Chess Opening Trainer 1.1

This software will help you learn and remember chess opening theory faster than ever before. In addition, you can use this software to build your opening repertoire. Unlike the other chess training software, Chess Opening Trainer does not randomly select training moves and positions. It smartly selects and serves the training move and position which you had difficulty in solving.

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Append PDF 1.11: Automates the process of appending multiple PDF files

Append PDF 1.11

Append PDF software automates the process of appending multiple PDF files together, you can append to a new pdf file, an existing pdf file or append a list of files together, the result file is optimized for space. PDF Size optimization is upto 50% better than appending files in Acrobat and using other tools that use Acrobat to append, It also retains bookmark positions to new positions in the output PDF. In our tests the appending speed is upto

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Калькулятор Forex трейдера 1.24: Forex trade Calculator. 12 currency pair real-time quotes and charts

Калькулятор Forex трейдера 1.24

Forex Trade Calculator is used to calculate a current profit/loss of open positions, using real-time quotes and to calculate profit/loss after "partial closing" or "reversing" positions.Minimized panel places Always on top and show current profit/loss pips and current quotations in real time mode.Without registration only EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pair available.

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Tile Swap Puzzle 1.2.0: Swap the tiles to recover the picture

Tile Swap Puzzle 1.2.0

In this game a picture will be chopped into pieces and the pieces will be messed up, you will need to move the pieces to recover the original picture. You move the pieces by swapping the positions of two pieces, click a piece to select it, and then click another piece to swap the positions of the two pieces. The faster you finish the puzzle and the fewer moves you made, the higher your score.

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GraphicTrading 1: Forex, CFD, FUTURES trading. Control your trading.

GraphicTrading 1

Forex, CFD, FUTURES trading. Control your trading. Keep your trading by your own rules. Manage positions and pending orders visually. Encrease your performance with our automated solutions for market trading. MySuite GraphicTrading, MySuite Indicator.Using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle you can extremely decrease time from decision-making to positions opening, making pending orders, modifying existing StopLoss and Take Profit

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MidiTabPlayer Fan 1.1: Learn guitar by displaying finger positions and sound for any MIDI file.

MidiTabPlayer Fan 1.1

Midi Tab Player is guitar player`s companion software that loads Midi files, displays the finger positions while playing the guitar sound and the accompaniment. It offers convenient practice features such as tempo change, step play, loop practice and sound mute. Midi Tab Player finds the optimal fingering positions using Axontone(TM) a sophisticated transcription algorithm. The free Fan version displays a brief advertisement screen.

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Gems Swap II 1.3.0: Swap gems and destroy them.

Gems Swap II 1.3.0

In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need to swap the positions of gems so that 3 or more gems of the same kind are connected in a straight line and then they will be destroyed. To clear the level you need to destroy gems in all the positions of the pattern. The game is over when time is up. There will be different patterns for each new level.

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Tricky Cups 1.1.1: Can you get the locations of the coins?

Tricky Cups 1.1.1

In this game there will be a number of cups and hiding a few coins, you need to remember where the coins are and then the cups will start to move, after that pick out the cups that bear coins. When the cups move, watch carefully because they may do trick moves, in which only the positions of the cups are exchanged, but the positions of the coins are not. There are a number of levels in this game and the game will be harder and harder.

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